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Aeterlink, spun out from Stanford University, is a startup that develops and provides "WPT" (wireless power transfer) technologies and solutions to realize a wire-free world.

Our team has been engaged in research and development of medical implant devices such as pacemakers for years. In order to meet the medical needs there, it was necessary to operate the devices which is 20cm deep inside the body by transmitting power wirelessly from outside the body. Based on the technology we had cultivated throughout the project, we succeeded in developing the world's first complete WPT system, "AirPlug™︎," on a practical level.


Our solution unleashes digital signal processing devices from wires

Factory Automation

FA (Factory Automation)

Free all of sensors from any of wires and mainainance completely where there are frequent wire disconnections due to movements of machine parts, exposure to oil, or complicated wiring.


Building Management

Apply our WPT technologies to various types of sensors used in offices/facilities such as temperature and humidity sensors, illuminance sensors, CO2 sensors, door sensors, window sensors, motion sensors, etc.


Medical Implant

Treat diseases that are difficult to solve with traditional drugs by using inplant devices such as VNS (vagus nerve stimulation), cardiac pacemakers, etc, with enhanced usalibility by our WPT technologies.

Notice of fund-raising


Press Release

Aeterlink, a company that realizes social implementation of long-range WPT (AirPlug™︎) technology, Series A round of funding of 200 million yen - aiming to realize a "digital society" without wires through WPT

Aeterlink Corp. has raised 200 million yen through a third-party allocation of new shares to the KII No. 2 Investment Limited Liability Partnership managed by Keio Innovation Initiative and the Technology Ventures No. 5 Investment Limited Liability Partnership managed by ITOCHU Technology Ventures.


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What does AirPlug™︎ mean?

AirPlug™︎ is our term for WPT using microwave and is a trademark we have acquired.
It illustrates the power can be transferred as if there were an electrical power outlet in the air.

How much is the transmit power?

Our power transmitters output energy less than 1W (EIRP36dBm) based on the approval by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and its ministerial ordinance that is scheduled to be eased in spring 2022.

How much is the received power?

It can be calculated based on the friis transmission formula.

For example, the received power of the antenna is 4.39 [mW] under the following conditions:

Transmission distance: 1m
Frequency: 920MHz
Antenna power: 1W
Transmitting antenna gain: 6dBi
Receiving antenna gain: 2.15dBi

However, these results do not take into account environmental reflections or antenna size. Please contact us for further details.

How big is the size of the receiving antenna?

It can be adjusted to various sizes.
For example, it can be as small as a grain of rice or as large as A4 size.


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