Empowering Zero-Wiring Society


We are realizing a wire-free "digital world"
through our WPT (wireless power transfer) technology.

FA(Factory Automation)

FA(Factory Automation)

There are many sensors installed in factories and production facilities around FA equipments, and they are connected with numerous wires. Because of their rapid movements, they require frequent replacement and may cause stoppage of prodution lines for hours due to their frequent disconnection. Our WPT solution enables them to be completely wireless and maintenance-free.


Building Management

Our WPT system can operate various environmental sensors (e.g. temperature, humidity, illumination, CO2, door open/close, water leakage), on a wire-free basis, all at once. For example, placing temperature sensors in a mesh pattern in the office space and performing optimal air conditioning control (e.g. send cold air only to those people who are there and feel hot) can result in reducing electric utility expense by about 30%.


Medical Implant

Medical implant devices can solve diseases that are difficult to be treated by medication. We have long been engaging experimental study of our WPT technology for vagus nerve stimulation and cardiac pacemakers in animal experiments. A wide variety of implant devices can be realized by our WPT technology.