Empowering Zero-Wiring Society

(Factory Automation)

IoE(Internet Of Everything)社会の新たなファクトリーを顧客とともに”共創”する

Co-creating the new factory for the IoE (Internet of Everything) society with customers

"Maintenance-free" Manufacturing Lines through WPT

In manufacturing industry, where customers seek for FA (factory automation), stoppage of production line due to frequent disconnection of wires of sensors placed around moving parts causes a large amount of opportunity loss.

For example, an automotive production line can generate economic value worth about 3 million yen (30 thousand dollars) per minute, but when the production line halt caused by broken sensors occurs, its opportunity losses can lead to several hundred million yen (million dollars).

Moreover, sensors on manufacturing equipment are so dependent on wiring that it's difficult to install sensors in hard-to-wire locations and that it inhibits flexible changes in sensor layout.

Features of Aeterlink's Technology (AirPlug™︎)

Aeterlink's WPT (wireless power transfer) system "AirPlug™︎" enables maintenance-free installation of sensors in locations where there are frequent wire disconnections around moving parts or wiring is difficult, and real-time acquisition of information through high-speed data communication.

We would like to work with you to create a new sensor network that transcends physical limitations.

Long-distance Power Supply with High Eenergy Efficiency

Our WPT technology has made it possible to supply several mW of power to a distance of more than 10 meters, while the limit of transmission distance of traditional WPT technology was just 50 centimeters. We are the first in the world to provide long-distance power supply technology on a practical level.

No Angle Dependence

The omni-directional antenna enables power feeding to "moving objects" that are moving or rotating.

It can also supply power to sensors equipped with "moving parts."

Environmentally Adaptive Antenna

We provide smaller products based on our expertise in WPT technology for medical devices such as pacemakers that are implanted in the human body.

We have several product lineups of multiple antenna shapes to meet requirements that differ depending on product.

High-speed Data Communication

Our technology has enabled frequent data communication in every 5 millisecond with low power consumption, with real-time information acquisition.

In addition, we have also developed edicated IC chips for power receivers so that they can be applied to a wide range of products.

Case Studies


We developed a mid-long range WPT and data transmission technology for FA robot sensors, which was selected for the NEP (NEDO Entrepreneurs Program) in 2020 and the STS (Seed-stage Technology-based Startups) in 2021.

Voice of Customer: Major Sensor Manufacturer A

Person in charge of Technology Development

Technology that can solve the problem of wire disconnection in the manufacturing process, which has been an issue in the FA industry for more than 20 years

Wire disconnection of sensors used in the field of FA has been an issue for a long time, and there are inquries from both customers and workers at manufactruring sites every year asking the development department, "Isn't there any way to transfer the power wirelessly?"

We have also been considering the use of battery and solar power solutions, as well as other WPT technologies from other companies, but all the results have not been satisfactory for us. Sensors used in the FA field require very quick data response, hence they consume a lot of power, and batteries need to be replaced in too short period, and energy harvest such as solar power cannot generate enough electric power. We also tried WPT with a startup in North America, but to comply with regulations, we could only achieve a WPT of about 50cm in length, so we could not make it a project.

What made us start a project with Aeterlink was the fact that the power supply distance was 15 meters at maximum, which was outstandingly long. In addition, they understood the requirements of FA field very well and enabled not only WPT but also ultra low-power data communication. At first, we were expecting Aeterlink to provide us with WPT technology. But they also have excellent technology for ultra-low power, high-speed data communication, which was a positive surprise for us.

Thanks to the collaboration with Aeterlink, we will be able to commercialize the product more than a year earlier than planned. In addition, while we work in the project together, we are very inspired by their marketing capabilities, including the selection of customers to sell to, that large companies do not have.

Their overall level of technology, speed, and ability to build business strategies is very high, and I look forward to working with them on various projects in the future.

Evaluation and Development Kit

Aeterlink provides "Evaluation and Development Kit" for rent (chargeable) so that each customer can evaluate the efficiency of power supply and develop its products.

(Please contact us via the inquiry form to discuss details as we have limited number of "Evaluation and Development Kits.")