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Grant selected from NEDO's "Research and Development Startup Support Program" for FY2020

Aeterlink has been selected and received a grant from the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) under the NEDO Entrepreneurs Program (NEP).


Adoption: October 2020
Grant amount: 30 million
Project name: Development of medium-range wireless power supply and data transmission technology for FA robot sensors

About Aeterlink's FA Business

There is a need to mount various sensors on the tips of robot hands used in factories and logistics warehouses. In particular, logistics warehouses are facing a serious shortage of personnel, and full automation of warehouse operations is required. However, it has not yet been possible to fully automate the picking of items of different shapes and sizes, and despite the simplicity of the task, a large number of people are still needed to perform it.

By equipping robot hands with sensors, it is possible for robots to perform the work in place of people. However, the wiring and disconnection of the power supply for the sensor installed in the operating part remains an issue, and a robot hand equipped with a sensor has not yet been realized. Aeterlink addresses the above issues by enabling the sensors on the tip of the robot hand to operate completely wirelessly, allowing real-time data communication.

About Aeterlink Corp.

Aeterlink, spun out from Stanford University, is a startup that develops and provides "WPT" (wireless power transfer) technologies and solutions to realize a wire-free world. The Company has been engaged in research and development of medical implant devices such as pacemakers for years. The Company succeeded in developing the world's first complete WPT system on a practical level, and has patented its metasurface and power receiving technologies. The Company's WPT technology has been published in numerous academic journals, books, and papers, including Nature.

Company Profile

Company Name:Aeterlink Corp.
Address:[Kinshicho Office]
HULIC KINSHICHO COLLABO TREE 6・7F, 4-17-1 Kinshi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

[Otemachi Office]
Inside the Inspired.Lab, Otemachi Building 6F, 1-6-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Capital:101.2 million JPY
Representative Directors:Yuji Tanabe, Ryo Iwasa
Established:August 2020

Contact information for this press release

Yohei Okamoto, Public Relations, Aeterlink Corp.


E-mail: pr@aeterlink.com